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Why Gentle Exercise For Arthritis?

Exercise for Arthritis pain is important in managing arthritis and can help arthritic conditions. The Sit and Be Fit™ Arthritis Workout DVD provides instruction on easy, safe, gentle chair exercises choreographed to a variety of music.  It closely adheres to Arthritis Foundation exercise guidelines.

In the Sit and Be Fit™ Arthritis Workout, Mary Ann leads safe, gentle chair exercises that will help to maintain function of the arthritic joint, enhance mobility, prevent deterioration and loss of range of motion while preventing over-fatigue of muscle. The Arthritis Workout includes a bonus informational segment featuring Dr. John Klippel from the Arthritis Foundation





Recommended SIT AND BE FIT™ Workouts For Those Managing Arthritis

 Arthritis is quite variable in its symptoms and degrees of disability. Any of the following Sit and Be Fit™ workouts may be appropriate exercise for arthritis management and help those managing arthritis pain.

If you have:
Severe pain, with hot, red joints and mild to severe joint deformation
Moderate pain, limited joint mobility 
Any in the "Severe Pain" group, or
Mild pain, minimal to no functional
Any in the "Severe Pain" or "Moderate Pain" groups, or

 View these pages to read more information about chair exercises: Principles of Exercise and Chair Exercises for Senior.

For more information, read Arthritis Health Tips.




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